From humble beginnings…

Large-scale Fruit Distribution &
Transport in South Africa

With over 55 years of experience in the horticulture industry, we can confidently supply the trusted transport of fruit & veg produce via various distribution channels over South Africa. Our staff takes our promise for excellence extremely seriously to ensure only the highest standards are reached.

From humble beginnings, a 16-year-old Patrick De Wet started building his business with nothing but an old bakkie and no driver’s licence. Today, he owns his own farms, a transport company, packaging shed and cold storage complex. With all his success, De Wet still stands sorting apples daily in the packing shed and makes his way to markets regularly to ensure quality product.

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We Supply…

Fruit produced locally.
Distributed Nationwide.

Born from a little town called Pniel in Western Cape, South Africa, Mr Patrick Jame De Wet Snr started small and has since expanded his business across the nation covering the following the areas:

Pretoria | Johannesburg |  Springs | Klerksdorp | Pietermaritzburg | East London | Bloemfontein | Welkom | Vereeniging

His growth from nothing to a fully functional and successful business has inspired many from his home town. He continues to grow his family business with the goal of enriching his community and providing excellence in every delivery.

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